Our Services

Starline Community Services offers services to people with disabilities in Indiana. Through our programs we are able to offer support to people with disabilities in living independent and fulfilling lives.

Residential Services

The Residential Services program focuses on the abilities of each individual and is dedicated to supporting each person in their personal goals. We help each person achieve the highest quality of life by being as independent as possible while maintaining optimal health, happiness and safety. Our program is tailored to assist clients with money management, budgeting, household management, clothing care, nutrition and grocery shopping. They are deserving of respect and equality and should be afforded every opportunity to reach their potential. Our goal is to provide individualized services and an environment that helps each individual to be a success.

Community Rehabilitation

Our services help clients contribute to the community through volunteer services. Clients are learn how to use public transport. They also learn social skills like how to solve problems, how to be a team player, how to listen and follow instructions and other social skills.


Caring for a loved one with a disability often requires extra attention.  Starline community services gives families short-term relief by providing care in-home.  Respite services may be planned in advance or may be made available to assist in an emergency situation.

At Starline Community Services, we serve with:

  •       Love
  •       Compassion
  •       Integrity
  •       Respect
  •       Kindness