• Touching lives everyday.....

      We enhance independence in people with developmental disabilities.

      We empower them and encourage them to be productive members of their communities.

      Our program is tailored to the needs of each of our residents.

    Welcome to Starline Community Services

    Starline community services, is a provider of services to children and adults with disabilities in Indiana. Through community living and individualized counseling, our dedicated staff patiently guides individuals with disabilities toward the most self-sufficient life possible. Our ultimate goal of all programs and services is to help each individual reach their fullest level of independence.

    Starline community services believes adults with special needs can and should be productive, contributing members of their community. Our supported living environment provides every opportunity for lifelong learning and achieving personal potential. We offer services to enhance the overall independence of residents while maintaining the structure necessary to promote safety, health and well-being. Our program assures they receive comprehensive services tailored to the needs of each of our residents.


    At Starline Community Services, we serve with:

    •       Love
    •       Compassion
    •       Integrity
    •       Respect
    •       Kindness

    About Us

    Starline Community Services has a staff that nurtures the abilities and independence of adults with special needs. We provide residential, community and social opportunities in a responsive and caring environment.